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What instruments are taught?

We teach Drums, Piano, Theory, Keyboards, Guitar, and Ukulele individually and as a group.

How much are tuition fees?

Our fees differ depending on the length of the lesson. 

Individual lessons are from $40 per half-hour lesson, $60 per 45-minute lesson, or $80 per hour. Group lessons are $26 per group member for a 30-minute lesson or $52 per group member per hour.


All fees are to be paid in advance before the sessions by term.


A 10% interest fee may be incurred for late payment.

How can we be sure that the teacher is right?

We are assuring you that our teachers are well trained and equipped to help our students in developing their musical potential. 

How to enroll?

You may enroll by calling +6421911917 or sending us an inquiry at 

Do we need to bring our own instruments?

Talking about instruments, we encourage our students to have their own at home to practice between lessons. We have instruments in the school as well and are available for rent during class.


How do we cancel lessons?

For any cancellation or make-up session, please give us a 4-week notice,  in writing, by emailing If you do not advise us in writing that you wish to cancel lessons, you remain liable for payment of that term's fees.


For emergency cases, like sick or covid please communicated with us as soon as possible. We will offer online or makeup classes within 7 days from the day of the missed class. 


Should a change in lesson day/time be required by us due to unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you immediately with these details and options.


Do you offer Free Trial Lessons?

Yes. A 15-minute free trial is available for New Students only. The lesson will be canceled if the student did not show up or is late.


What are the payment modes?

We accept cash and direct credit.

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